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    Xbox Live Games with Gold Released for December 2016

    DRO iTz PaT
    By DRO iTz PaT,

    The games for the traditional Xbox Live Games with Gold program have been released for the month of December 2016. 

    Gamers can pick up Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition ($29.99) from December 1st through December 31st, and Outlast ($19.99) from December 16th though January 15th.

    Sleeping Dogs.png Outlast.png

    You can also pick up these Xbox 360 titles as well. Outland ($9.99) will be available from December 1st through December 15th, and Burnout: Paradise ($14.99) will be available from December 16th through December 31st. 

    Outland.jpg Burnout Paradist.jpg


    Game Reviews: Brutal DOOM (PC)

    DRO iTz PaT
    By DRO iTz PaT,



    Believe it or not, many gamers still play the original classic Doom. You may have read my story about the upcoming DOOM title, but now I’m going to take you into the original Doom, where it all started, but with a twist!

    February 26th, 2012, a mod was released for the original Doom and Doom II games. Some gamers today still play these original titles, but this mod added a modern-day twist to the MS-DOS classic. I’m, of course, talking about Brutal DOOM!

    Brutal DOOM was created by a Brazilian named Sergeant Mark IV, or known on YouTube as SGtMarkIV. He has posted many videos of him testing newer versions of his mod. On June 5th, 2015, Version 20 of the Brutal DOOM mod will be released, and many Doom fans are stoked and excited to play it! I’ve played the mod myself, since I still have a legit copy of The Ultimate Doom along with Doom II: Hell on Earth both on CD, along with Master Levels for Doom II.

    Brutal DOOM adds a huge twist to the entire game. Weapons look more modern and futuristic than the original weapons featured in the game. Enemies behave and act differently, as well. Imps jump at you, Zombies and Shotgunners actually reload their weapons, and Spectres, the invisible Demon or nicknamed Pinky, are completely invisible until they’re in your face trying to kill you. Not to mention, you can taunt enemies, and even give them the finger. Some enemies, if you flip them off, will actually react back to you. For example, if you flip off the Cyberdemon, it will growl at you and fire its rockets at a faster rate. Plus, with the mod, the Cyberdemon, if close up, will try to stomp you! If you kick a Baron of Hell or a Hell Knight (yes you can kick), it will actually stop and hold its stomach or groin area in pain. The whole entire mod changes the way we look at the original Doom titles.

    The mod itself on Mod Database, or ModDB, has a very high rating of 9.7 out of 10, and is also in the Top 100 Mods at #6, out of a total of 23,778 mods total on the website. The mod also outranks the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer mod, which is Rank #33 on the list.

    Brutal DOOM v20 was released on June 5th, 2015, and will be available for download on ModDB at this link.

    2016 Hall of Fame Inductee - Austin "MoFo" Pritchett

    DRO iTz PaT
    By DRO iTz PaT,

    DRO Gaming originally opened August 16th, 2008 by the original founder, DRO MoFo. We are happy to announce that he will be inducted into the DRO Gaming 2016 Hall of Fame. We congratulate him, as he will go down in the history books as DRO Gaming's greatest leader of all time.

    Email Verification Issue Fixed

    DRO iTz PaT
    By DRO iTz PaT,

    Sorry if you registered and didn't get the verification email. With IPS 4, you have to set that up manually, where as IPB 3 it was already set. I've taken care of the issue, and all accounts waiting for verification have been verified. You now have full access to the website.


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